Paperwork Submission

Q: How should I deliver my real estate documents to the corporate office?

A: We prefer for you to email your real estate documents to files@urgfl.com (sales) and rentals@urgfl.com (rentals/referrals). This will allow our back office staff to efficiently process your documents and provide you with a timely reply. If you must fax your documents to our office please use our e-fax number: (954) 671-1257

Q: When do I submit paperwork (i.e. Listing Agreements, Sales Contracts, Lease Agreements, etc)?

A: All paperwork is to be submitted to files@urgfl.com within 72 hours of execution. This time-frame has been implemented in order to remain in compliance with FREC, DBPR, and Local Board/MLS Rules and Regulations. This requirement applies to all agents on all files.

Q: How do I receive payment at the closing table for purchase transactions?

A: You will need to submit a Disbursement Authorization Form to files@urgfl.com 15 days prior to the closing date and have the form approved by the broker. Our office will send the form by email to the Title Company and Agent(s) involved in the transaction.

Q: Is there a Required Documents Checklist that I can follow?

A: Our Required Documents Checklist can be found in the My URG section of this website.

Escrow Deposits

Q: Does URG hold escrow deposits?

A: URG holds escrow deposits for Rental Transactions only. You must deliver all rental escrow deposits to URG within 1 business day from your receipt along with an Escrow Check Receipt, Rental Recap Sheet, and Contract to Lease.

Q: Does URG hold escrow deposits for purchase transactions?

No. However, you may hold the escrow deposit with South Florida Title Associates or United Title Assurance.

License Renewal

Q: Am I required to notify URG of my license renewal?

A: No. URG performs a monthly reconciliation between the in-house roster and the DBPR roster.

Q: When do I need to renew my license?

A: It is your responsibility to keep your license up to date by renewing it every two years. Be sure to pay the renewal fee to the DBPR after you have taken your 14-hour Continuing Education class.

Local Board Affiliations

Q: Do I need to affiliate myself with a local board of Realtors?

A: As an agent of URG, you must maintain a membership with a local board of Realtors.

Q: How many local board memberships does URG hold?

Q: Can I list properties through a board with which I do not hold a membership?

A: Most boards have a MLS Only option for secondary memberships.